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Personalized Branding Programmes

Best Practice in Personal Grooming For Business Success. Understanding Dress Codes, Body Shapes, Acceptable and Unacceptable Grooming Habits

Dinning Etiquette, Social Skills and Unconscious Mannerisms. Telephone Etiquette and Business Introduction Etiquette. Brand Management through Business Etiquette

The Art of Presenting a Professional Speech. How to Build and Create. Engaging Slides. Structuring Your Presentation, Communicating With Clarity. Body Language.


Cultural Assimilation as a Tool for Acceptable Business Behavior. Professional Work Attitude within Various Social Setting. Understanding Work Cultures and Service Delivery.


Train And Become A Certified Image Consultant. Master the Art of Personal Grooming, Image Makeovers and Personal Styling. Train, Mentor and Guide Clients and Manage Your Own Business as A Consultant.

Developing Effective Business Communication Skills and Building Rapport through Communication. Verbal and

       Non-Verbal Displaying Self-Confidence and Assertiveness

Elements of Branding, Tools for Building a Unique Personal Brand. Choosing your Core Values. Personal Brand Audit. Managing a Damaged Brand and Maintaining Your Brand.

Basics of Makeup Artistry for Work or Social Occasions. Day and Night Make up Styles, Colour Pallets and Skin Prep. Skin Care Regiment and Professional Skin Care Management

Application of Modern Dynamic Marketing Systems. Use of Sales. Tools Available For Marketing. Exploring Traditional Marketing Techniques. Implementing the Complete Sales Process Tool.

Developing the Right Attitude towards Customers. Building strong Brand relationships with clients. Managing Customers’ needs and Expectations and Establishing a Customer Service Philosophy.


About Kobadem Image Consultancy

We are
Kobadem Image Consultancy.

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Over the years, we have established our brand as one of Ghana's leading image management company
Mrs. Emma Addo-Owusu
Image Management Consultant

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